From Parents

  • irene-abdouphotography-2014_02683-Edit-web-ready“Our daughter understands that she is not stupid and has become an advocate for herself and other children.”
  • “The reports you prepared for us have been very helpful, not only getting our son accommodations on his standardized tests, but also for our own understanding of his strengths and weaknesses and for his understanding. Thanks!”
  • “Thank you for attending the EMT meeting. We felt so much more comfortable and at ease having such a knowledgeable and widely respected individual and professional alongside us.”
  • “Thank you for helping us understand her needs and for guiding us in the belief that she could further her education beyond high school.” (on the occasion of the student’s college graduation)
  • “Your expertise and guidance was instrumental in getting this placement and we are so grateful. From the initial testing, the many phone conversations and meetings, to advocating for him at (school) meetings, you have stood by us in our pursuit of understanding learning differences and obtaining quality teaching for our son. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to share the benefit of your professional training, dedication and devotion to children with learning disabilities.”
  • “We are very pleased with the tutor you referred us to. She has been very good at gaining trust and cooperation from our son, who most of the time feels he needs no help and all of the time would rather be doing something else. Most significant to us is that his organizational skills have improved dramatically, and his grades show it.”
  • “You have a gift for making the parents feel comfortable and reassured during the entire evaluation process of their child and for this, I thank you.”