From Workshop Sponsors

  • “I would like to thank you for your wonderful workshop. Your presentation was engaging and informative. Our teachers were able to participate fully and share with you their experiences, I was further impressed at how you managed to create an atmosphere that was comfortable enough that teachers were able to ask honest, precise questions.”
  • “It is rare that a speaker generates so many thoughtful questions, and I was really pleased that some of our most skeptical members were among the questioners. From observations made during and comments heard after your talk, it was clear that the group learned a great deal and that they were very glad to have the opportunity to hear from “the source” a clear and fine explanation of the reports they encounter regularly as part of their job here.”
  • “We particularly appreciated the very useful information you presented and the manner in which you were able to make a very complex subject easily understood to all of the audience. The information you presented answered a lot of questions which were on the minds of the people attending our meeting.”