KSA offers a variety of comprehensive and specific-oriented evaluations.  Prior to each evaluation, we spend time getting to know our clients, so that we can tailor the testing to gain the greatest possible insight.  To provide a comfortable and productive experience, we break longer evaluations into shorter testing sessions (typically over two days).

At KSA, we take the time to focus on the individual, which allows us to see how they respond to new situations, approach different tasks, and handle success and/or frustration.  This offers us the opportunity to produce an easy to read report with more meaningful results, rather than relying on numerical test scores alone.  Read below to find out about a psycho-educational evaluation.

For Forensics Evaluations:  Dr. Stefano has extensive experience providing comprehensive evaluations for juveniles and adults who are involved with the Department of Juvenile Services, Department of Social Services, and Child Protective Services.  He also works closely with the Office of the Public Defender, as well as private defense attorneys, providing evaluation and consultation for competency hearings, transfer/waiver hearings, and disposition/sentencing hearings.  He has been qualified as an expert witness in clinical psychology and assessment of juveniles and adults in numerous jurisdictions in Maryland.