Follow-Up Services

At the conclusion of every assessment, our highly trained clinicians and diagnosticians present a detailed written report and recommend an individualized action plan. We also meet with adolescents individually and explain information to them directly, discussing recommendations and answering questions. Subsequent services can include conferences with school staff, referrals to tutors and outside specialists, and on-going coordination among individuals working with the client. We coach parents and students to work successfully with schools. We can also serve as “team captains.” Re-evaluations are often suggested to measure progress, adjust accommodations and update recommendations. Specific follow-up services include:

  • Parent guidance
  • Referral to specific tutors and other specialists (including speech pathologists, physicians and behavior specialists)
  • Participation in school conferences, such as Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 meetings and due process hearings
  • Review of student action plans, such as Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and  504 plans
  • School placement recommendations
  • Ongoing evaluations and program adjustments
  • On-call consultations
  • Resources for parents and students (including how-to books, courses and workshops)