“Josh” worries that he can’t succeed in college

"Josh"“Josh” – A young adult with ADHD believes he can’t handle college-level academics

Situation: Josh is a twenty-year-old who graduated two years ago, and struggled throughout high school. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of ten, but never received any special education services or accommodations in school.

As a result of his academic challenges, Josh is hesitant to consider college. Instead, he works part-time and lives at home with his parents. Unfortunately, many of Josh’s friends went off to college and his job offers him no real satisfaction. He has become depressed and his parents worry that he is not developing into a mature self-sufficient adult. Both Josh and his parents recognize his many talents – for instance, he’s quite mechanical and a computer “whiz” – but they are concerned that he can’t complete college successfully.

Key Factors:

  • Josh is a young adult with ADHD living with his parents.
  • He went to work after high school because neither he nor his parents believed he could handle college academics.
  • Josh is unsatisfied with his work and is becoming depressed.

So what’s the problem? What is Josh’s potential?  Is college a realistic option?  If so, what would he need to make the experience successful?  If college isn’t the best option, what is a good alternate path?

Resolution: KSA performed a comprehensive and up-to-date psycho-educational evaluation to help Josh identify his strengths and areas where he would need help in a college program. As recommended by KSA, Josh consulted with a medical doctor and began regime of medication to address the ADHD. KSA advised Josh to enroll in a community college, which offered strong resource support and a gradual reintroduction to an academic environment.

After two productive years at the community college, during which Josh learned to access the Student Support Center and use tools such as voice-activated software and computer-assisted reading, he transferred to a four-year program and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

KSA helped Josh by:

  • Counseling Josh and his parents that he still had time to pursue college or some post-secondary training program if he wanted to.
  • Helping Josh locate a community college program that could address his needs.
  • Coaching Josh through his transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree program.