KSA offers a variety of comprehensive and specific-oriented evaluations.  Prior to each evaluation, we spend time getting to know our clients, so that we can tailor the testing to gain the greatest possible insight.  To provide a comfortable and productive experience, we break longer evaluations into shorter testing sessions (typically over two days).

At KSA, we take the time to focus on the individual, which allows us to see how they respond to new situations, approach different tasks, and handle success and/or frustration.  This offers us the opportunity to produce an easy to read report with more meaningful results, rather than relying on numerical test scores alone.  Read below to find out about a psycho-educational evaluation.

For ADHD Evaluations:  In cases where there is a question about ADHD and/or Executive Dysfunction and there is no need for school-based interventions, KSA will conduct an abbreviated assessment to determine whether a student meets criteria for ADHD or Executive Dysfunction.  This assessment is useful for generating treatment recommendations and can serve as documentation of the ADHD diagnosis for physician prescribing purposes.