• Does your child have difficulty studying for tests?
  • Does she complain that she knows the material but can’t remember it for the test?
  • Does he make careless mistakes or misread directions on assignments or tests?


Abby Smith, M.A., is a certified teacher with over 15 years of experience, and she continues to innovate and excite learners in her private practice. She is currently offering a six week seminar (sponsored by KSA) that will provide your child with strategies they can use to study for tests, as well as aid in comprehending and retaining information.

In addition to fun and engaging activities, the benefits of this seminar include:

  • Small group setting that allows for individualization (making this seminar appropriate for students who have not benefited from more traditional approaches)
  • Variety of materials and presentation method to keep reluctant learners engaged
  • A binder full of examples and blank copies of the strategies that they will be able to take home and use in the future
  • A parent training session that will teach the parent how to use the strategies, thus being able to help their children

Some of the topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Using text speak and translating it into mnemonic devices to use for studying concepts
  • Organizing materials into categories to link related concepts
  • Exploring a wide variety of unique graphic organizers
  • Testing and developing deductive reasoning through mystery solving
  • Learning how to read directions and information.

This is a six-week seminar offered in the evening.

For more information regarding the availability of this seminar and to obtain additional information, please contact Margaret Ascienzo at (301) 770-7507 or email at